We invite you to our Zagadka kindergarten, where we know that kindergarten – annual preparation for school – is a key step on the way to your child’s educational success.

Why is kindergarten so important?

Firstly, it is a wonderful time when little ones develop social, emotional and cognitive skills that are essential for school. Secondly, kindergarten allows the child to adapt to the new environment, routine and rhythm of school life, which minimizes stress and uncertainty when starting education.

At the Zagadka kindergarten, we know how important an individual approach to each child is. Our small groups allow us to focus on the unique needs of each child, providing them with support in learning, filling any gaps and developing their full potential.

By joining kindergarten at Zagadka, we give your child the best start in the future. We provide a safe, friendly environment that inspires you to discover, create and learn. With us, kindergarten is a time full of joy, adventure and readiness to take on school challenges. Reserve your place today and let's open the door to the fascinating world of education with us!

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