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Discover the variety of activities at the Zagadka Kindergarten, i.e. education through fun and passion.

Zagadka Kindergarten is a place where we develop the talents of the youngest children, inspire them to learn and have fun in a positive environment. Our offer of classes has been carefully designed to ensure the comprehensive development of preschool children. Let’s discover together a variety of activities that enrich children’s experiences and build the foundations for future success.

What we offer?

Stegny - Polecane Przedszkole w Wilanowie.

Rhythmics and musicality

Rhythmics classes perfectly support the child’s motor development, coordination and musical sensitivity. Through dances, rhythmic movements and musical games, little ones learn to listen to rhythm, understand melodies and express themselves through movement and music.

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We care about the physical development of children, which is why we organize various sports activities in our kindergarten. Children learn cooperation, agility and gain positive experiences related to physical activity. Sports games also contribute to strengthening a healthy lifestyle from an early age.



The English language is extremely important in today’s world. At Kindergarten Zagadka, we conduct classes in English, which give children the opportunity to naturally learn a new language through play and contact with native speakers. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the language early and develop communication skills.

Sadyba - Wysokie Oceny, Przedszkole Zagadka.

Individual English and French lessons

If your child needs a more personalized approach to language learning, we also offer individual English and French lessons. This is an ideal option for kids who want to focus on their learning pace and make faster progress.

Залучений персонал в дитячому садку

Additional classes

Zagadka Kindergarten also offers a wide selection of additional activities that allow children to develop their passions and interests. Children have the opportunity to participate in dance classes, where they discover the joy of dancing and expressing themselves through movement. Moreover, for those who love challenges, we organize judo classes that support psychomotor development and increase self-confidence.

Zagadka Kindergarten is a place where education and fun go hand in hand. Our variety of classes enriches children's experiences, enabling them to develop comprehensively and discover their own passions. Our team of experienced teachers will provide children with full support and inspire their adventure in the world of learning and fun.

Why Kindergarten ZAGADKA?

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