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A safe and family place for your child in Mokotów, Warsaw!

What distinguishes us?

Our main advantage is project work, which is at the heart of our educational approach. Each week is a new thematic adventure, from bees and ants to competitions and dinosaurs. Each topic becomes an inspiration for creative tasks, teaching activities, and sports and musical adventures. This approach allows you to develop logical thinking, teamwork skills and the child’s imagination. I believe that this is how children’s creativity develops and knows no limits.

Educational Program - Discovery through all senses

At Kindergarten ZAGADKA, we believe that learning is not only about absorbing information. Our educational program includes:


Creative Activities

We create an environment in which children can freely express their creativity and experiment with various artistic techniques.

Dobre przedszkole na Sadybie w Warszawie.


Through interactive and engaging tasks, we develop cognitive and logical skills.

Doświadczenia kinestetyczne w przedszkolu


Children learn through movement, develop motor skills, healthy competition and cooperation. The sports and theater room is a place where children strengthen their core and abdominal muscles and develop shoulder girdle coordination, which is important in education.

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Music classes

Music enriches the learning experience by developing both musical skills and coordination.


Sensory development

Our program includes elements of sensory integration. Thanks to it, children develop the ability to process sensory stimuli, which has a significant impact on learning, concentration and general emotional development. The wet room where we paint, crumple and make plastic materials helps with this.

"Life is a RIDDLE, it begins in kindergarten."

The ZAGADKA kindergarten is proudly located in Mokotów in Warsaw, close to Sadyba and Wilanów. Our location allows for convenient access and safe dropping off of the child because we are located in the comfort of a cozy housing estate consisting of the following streets: Cypryska, Sueska, Śródziemnomorska, Tyrrhenianska and Messińska

Join the ZAGADKA Family!

We invite you and your child to our kindergarten family. At ZAGADKA Kindergarten, we create a space where your child can grow, discover and learn through interaction with a variety of stimuli.

Interested? Contact us and join ZAGADKA Kindergarten – a second “home” for your child while you can focus on your work, education, passion or business, and at the end of the day meet your smiling and passionate child with a smile and your own satisfaction.

Dobre przedszkole na Sadybie w Warszawie.
Nauczyciel z pasją w przedszkolu na Sadybie

Remember the 2-minute rule!

The moment of picking up your child from kindergarten is one of the most important moments for building a good parent-child relationship. This is the time to hug him, look him in the eye, listen to what he has to say, and help him get dressed. Be sure not to look at your phone, even when your child is dressing for a while…
Parenting is a big responsibility and a life challenge.

Parent! You can feel appreciated.

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